Exciting News and Oyakodon

Posted on Saturday, September 26, 2009 | 0 comments

We've had a new addition to the Kuwabara family! Mirei Kuwabara, born Thursday September 24th at 7:42 pm, weighing 3302 grams (or 7 and something lbs). Yuki and I got to meet her for the first time today, and she is absolutely perfect!! I would love to post some pics but have promised to let her proud daddy have the honors, of course. So as soon as he posts shots of his pride and joy, I'll add some photos here.
....After visiting the maternity clinic, tonight we had a special version of oyakodon. 'Okayo' means 'parent and child' and 'don' refers to 'donburi', or rice bowl. Typically, this means a mixture of chicken (the parent) and egg (the child) over rice. Tonight, however, we had rice bowls topped with freshly-prepared ikura (salmon eggs) with salmon, with the added bonus of some scallops. (ありがとう ございました おとうさん!!). Needless to say, it was an amazing dinner. Ikura season is in the fall and only lasts about a month here, so salmon oyakodon is a once- or twice-a-year treat!