Halloween Products

Posted on Thursday, October 01, 2009 | 3 comments

  Since today is October 1st already (although it's kind of hard to tell, since it's still warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt most days), I thought I'd showcase some of the Halloween products that have been on shelves here since the end of August. So far I haven't seen any Christmas-themed candy out yet, but I'm sure that it'll soon make an appearance!

                                                                                        Nothing says Halloween
                                                                                            Crispy Pizza Pringles

Competing with the Pringles...Curry crisps

Caramel Kit Kats

Just what every bathroom needs for the holidays....

Wasabi's favorite is the cheese Doritos! They're nose-licking good!


Anonymous said...

your cat is getting fat!

El gato es muy gordo!

Il bisse' fee k'beer!

Kristel said...

She's not fat; she's big-boned!
Ok, I can read 2 of the 3 languages...is the third one Arabic??

Noelle said...

Haha-Crunk candy--very funny!! and Wasabi should do a Doritos ad-she's a shoe-in!! :)Oh-and that curry Halloween candy--I would LOVE to try that!!!