Happy Halloween!!!

Posted on Saturday, October 24, 2009 | 2 comments

Wasa-bee would like to wish everyone a great big Happy Halloween! Actually, she probably would much rather bite anyone in sight this morning, seeing as she's heading in for her spay-and-declaw visit at the vet's. Poor baby! Say a prayer that she comes through everything ok; I can't imagine that she's going to be feeling like quite her usual foot-nipping self afterwards. We took these pictures and video (the video is last, and you really don't want to miss it) a few weeks ago, and I've been dying to post it early but have managed to hold out until the big day. So, without further ado, may I present: Wasa-BEE in all her glory!

Oh, and if you have yet to vote for her....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do so! It takes less than a minute to register and vote, I swear!


'Please....no more pictures!'

Die Bee Costume, Die!


Anonymous said...

hahah..that poor cat... but it looks like she got her revenge.

that last part is great.

Kristel said...

Thanks for watching! Yeah, she definitely let us know that she wasn't thrilled with the costume. Perhaps black and yellow just aren't her colors!