Strange Products

Posted on Thursday, October 08, 2009 | 0 comments

We found some interesting things for sale on our trip to Izu last weekend, my favorite being a toss-up between the wasabi ice cream and the shrimp ice cream. I really wanted to try at least one of them, but Yuki declared them 'gross' on sight, and I felt bad about pestering him to buy ice cream that 1. he didn't want and 2. I couldn't eat.  If I ever find some Lactaid pills in this country, I'm all over the wasabi, though! These are probably some of the strangest things I've seen for sale here, besides maybe the roasted soy-sauce marinated crickets that nobody really eats anymore any way. Has anyone else come across a food to beat these in terms of weirdness??


We also found a 'Rapper's' meal at a convenience store (darn that silent 'W'!), along with a sandwich that you simply must take! Click on the picture if you can't read everything written beneath 'Delicious Sandwich'.