Giant Maneki Neko Duck and Some Random Products

Posted on Friday, October 23, 2009 | 0 comments

        We came across an Aflak display at the grocery store last weekend...complete with a giant Maneki Neko Duck character and a poster of the cat and duck from the commericals. I managed a big smile for the camera, but I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to touch the stuffed duck: it looked like a bacterial breeding ground, what with all the smudges and marks from little hands touching it! Go figure, I've gone and gotten a nice sore throat since then. Coincidence?? I think not. If Aflak doesn't want to lose any money paying out coverage for hospital bills, they might want to consider stocking some wet wipes next to these ducks!

After the grocery store, we stopped by Don Quijote in search of rubber snakes (that's a story for another time). Note to anyone looking for rubber snakes: Don Quijote does not have them. Who would've thought?? The store that carries anything and everything odd doesn't stock rubber snakes. I still haven't been able to find any here, actually, and I need them within a week. Let me know if you're aware of any stores that sell them, please!
But on to other odd products that Don Quijote DOES sell. First off, we have the Jesus Body supplements. 'New discovery to be kept secret from others. This discovery is a secret. I can lay it down because I am correct. We will not make you sorry. Pleasure to have the real thing. I really longed for this'. I think that this is supposedly some kind of fitness pill, but quite honestly, I have no idea! Because, it's a secret and all. Heh.  (Click on the photo if you want to enlarge the pic and read for yourself).

Next up, the Humping Dog USB port cover. I might've actually considered buying one of these as a gag gift, but they're unfortunately not actually USB drives, just port covers. Why would anyone want to spend ¥900 on one of these, just so they could stick it in a USB port when it's not in use? Of course, that's probably why they're at Don Quijote---lots of the reject/poorly selling items tend to show up here at discounted prices.

Various breeds of humping dogs

Next up, we found some Kit Kats left over from lackluster vending machine sales. These Kit Kats are usually stocked along in drink vending machines, hence the glass containers that they're packaged in. This package contains 2 of the regular chocolate type, and 2 caramel pudding Kit Kats.

  Finally, a new brand of Kit Kat (I found these at a convenience store, not at Don Quijote). Roasted Japanese sweet potato Kit Kats. They acutally really did taste like roasted sweet potatoes...but I doubt that I'd buy them again, since 1. there was a weird bit of sweetness to them (too much sugar) and 2. if I want a roasted sweet potato, I'll just buy one. Wasabi loved the bag, however, so all was not lost!