Elegant Avocado Chicken...sort of...

Posted on Thursday, October 01, 2009 | 1 comments

(***Edit: On second thought, I take the following gripes about our camera back. The pictures on the recipe site don't look all that great, either. Perhaps this just isn't a very photogenic chicken!).
Here's what we had for dinner last night. I swear that it looked a lot tastier in real life than it does in this picture! Did I mention that I'm campaigning (probably in vain) for a new camera for my birthday or Christmas? One of those expensive ones that pretty much takes great shots for you. And maybe it could do the dishes while it's at it. Considering the price tags on all the ones I like, they'd better do something than just take pictures!
Back on track...If you like cooking at all, I highly recommend making this recipe. Simply put, it's AMAZING. And pretty easy, as long as you don't mind taking some time with the prep work. Click here if you're interested in trying it. I don't really know how to describe this dish...it's not Asian really, but it's not exactly Western, either. Hybrid chicken?

Changes I made: slightly less pepper than was called for, and I used plain soy yogurt instead of the half and half. Also, I adjusted the measurements to make 2 servings, and I didn't have to dump off any extra oil from the pan.

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Noelle said...

Well that actually doesn't look too bad at all-probably tastes delicious knowing how good of a cook you are:)I hope that you do find a camera helps with the chores-they need to invent one like Rosie--the Jetsons' robot!!