Going Bananas!

Posted on Thursday, March 25, 2010 | 0 comments

            Here are a few new products that I came across last week...there seems to be a banana theme going on for some reason, although I have no idea why. The last time bananas were in the news here, it was a couple of years ago, when the 'Banana Diet' was huge. I think you were supposed to eat just a banana for breakfast and then maybe one for lunch, too, in order to lose weight. Whatever the case, for some reason bananas were over-priced and selling out like mad for about 3 months until the next fad diet came along; it was ridiculous.
 Not that these products are going to help you lose weight, but here we have a banana-flavored Crunky chocolate bar and also a banana-flavored Kit Kat bar. We tried the Kit Kat--not bad. Just imagine the same banana flavor as those banana Laffy Taffys, and then add some wafery-crunch to it.

                                          Bananas everywhere!

           Next product (nothing to do with bananas): Baskin Robins-themed chocolates. Strawberry cheesecake, Jamoca (sp?) coffee, orange sherbet, and vanilla flavors. I didn't try these either so can't give them a rating. I was slightly surprised that they weren't in the freezer section, though.
                       I'd like to see triple-chocolate Moose Tracks out next, please