Posted on Sunday, March 28, 2010 | 0 comments

  We took the Wasa-monster out on a small neighborhood expedition to see the sakura (cherry) blossoms yesterday. She did remarkably well, considering that she rarely gets to go outside. We did have a minor temper tantrum at the end, but I guess that's understandable: I'd probably be annoyed too if someone kept lifting me high in the air and shoving my face into flowers.

                  In the local park. There were quite a few comments of 'That's a CAT!'

                                  Sniff, sniff

                             Getting fed up with the whole experience

                              NYAAAAAAAAA! Wasa-monster appears!

               The cherry blossoms aren't quite in full bloom yet-they're predicted to be at about 100% next weekend, which is when Shizuoka is having its annual cherry-blossom festival. Perfect timing. We're going on Saturday afternoon, so you can expect more flower pictures some time around then.