Whole Wheat....So They Say

Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | 0 comments

  I finally gave up on finding a reliable source of whole wheat bread here after not locating any at 3 different grocery stores this past weekend. I honestly just don't understand the lack of it. Plus, you may recall me venting previously about how most of the white bread contains trans fats (margarine or sometimes shortening). WHY?? If I could find someone in the food industry or government to write to about this, I seriously would! Trans Fats = The Devil, people!
  Well, instead of buying any bread, we went to an import store and purchased whole wheat flour instead. I made 2 loafs of lovely, preservative-free bread last night. Only problem being, I'm not quite convinced that they're 100% whole wheat! The color of the flour was a lot lighter than the usual whole wheat flour that I'm accustomed to, and the bread turned out to be quite a bit softer than I'd expected. Anyone have any insights into this?  Does the import shop have a scam going on in the flour aisle? 

                                 Always Curious

                               See how light the dough is?

                         The finished product

                           Tastes great, but it just didn't scream 'whole wheat' to me