If Only It Could Cook...

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2010 | 0 comments

  I got this hairdryer as a present last weekend (thanks again, Otousan!). It's one of the new 'nano' models which is supposed to provide moisture to hair by blowing out platinum ions, which I think are encapsulated in water. Or something like that. I never did like chemistry. Biology, yes, chemistry, no way. I also saw on a website that this particular model (or maybe all nano-dryers) is supposed to help protect against or repair UV damage. Whatever the case, I do know this: it dries my hair faster than our ion-dryer, plus both Yuki and I have noticed that our hair is smoother and not so frizzy after just one week. It's a miracle worker! Now I just need to read the instruction manual to see if it can vacuum, too.

   Is it a bird? A laser gun? No, it's the Panasonic Nano Care Hair Dryer EH-NA91!!!