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Daigoji Temple was the first World Heritage site we stopped at upon reaching Kyoto. It was built in 874, although I'm not sure how much of the original structure remains. We weren't allowed to take photos inside the main temple's garden, although I was sorely tempted to try anyway, since it was so beautiful. The presence of some very militant female volunteers following me around was sort of a deterrant, though!

The entrance to Daigoji

 Daigoji is famous for, among other things, Goju-no-to, a five-story pagoda that's a national treasure, and also for Bentendo, the little hall that you can in the back of the pictures of the pond.

 Picture that I managed to sneak of the enclosed garden; the best part was too carefully guarded, though


Bentendo Hall

  We took a lot more pictures, but I've tried to put the best on here and will post the rest to facebook whenever I find time...which may be never, at this rate!


Noelle said...

You stated in one of your pics of the enclosed garden, that it was too heavily guarded to take any more pics--is that for real?? Why do they guard it to such an extreme? Is it a Holy site, then? The pics of the temple and exposed garden are lovely, btw.

Kristel said...

Well the volunteer guards didn't have guns or anything, but they were really intent on enforcing the 'NO PICTURES' rules that were posted all over. I don't think it's a holy site, though...Yuki's guess was that they wanted to sell postcards and photos themselves, so they weren't allowed pictures. Who knows, though?