Ujigami Shrine

Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 | 0 comments

  We were lucky enough to be visiting Ujigami Jinja (shrine), on 7-5-3 day, a holiday during which children of said ages are dressed up and taken to shrines for ceremonies and/or blessings. I think that it's ages 3 and 7 for girls, and age 5 for boys, but I could be completely off base.

  Ujigami Shrine is the oldest original Shinto shrine in Japan (built around 1060) and a World Heritage site. I have to admit that I've seen shrines that were more beautiful, but this one was pretty amazing--especially when its age is taken into consideration.

                                             Entrance to the shrine

Little girl celebrating 7-5-3 day

Ujigami Shrine

Too cute!

 Ok, I have one more set of pics from around downtown Uji to upload, then it's on to Chinatown and Kamakura....