Lunch in Kamakura

Posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2009 | 0 comments

  We went to Kamakura last Sunday, after giving Andrew a night to rest up from his journey here. There's a great restaurant there that's called Hatchi No Ki; one half of the resturant serves traditional-style Japanese food, while the other half serves 'shojin ryori', or monks' food. Since the food that monks eat is vegetarian, we went to that half of the restaurant (it's actually a separate building) so that Andrew wouldn't have to pick fish or other bits of meat out of his food. The food at this place is amazing but not exactly cheap. (Thank you again, お父さん)! Here's a sampling of photos from our lunch...

                    Note to self: Contact dermatologist about having odd growth removed from head

The first dish: eringi mushrooms, snap peas, and fu

Next up: more steamed mushrooms, a spinach and mushroom dish, eggs, and yuba with Japanese radish

Goma dofu (Sesame tofu)...the best goma dofu I've ever had!

Fall greens with (if I remember correctly) mushrooms

Another type of mushrooms in a Japanese radish sauce

Fried Yuba (yuba is the top layer that gets skimmed off when tofu is made)

Spinach and Japanese radish with a sesame-miso sauce

Mushrooms and smashed lotus root in a buckwheat-infused sauce

             Dessert was a traditional fall favorite: persimmon