Earmuffs And A New Visa

Posted on Friday, November 06, 2009 | 0 comments

   This week has been incredibly busy, so I haven't had any time to post until now. First off, Wasabi has been having a really hard time still as a result of her surgeries on Saturday (see the previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about). I ended up taking her in Wednesday morning to a vet here, and he gave her some antibiotics and a shot of painkillers. We're thinking of taking her in again tonight for another dose of painkillers, as she's still shivering off and on, but going to the vet's brings new trauma in and of itself! When she got the shots on Wednesday, it was a stressful procedure involving her biting me and also peeing on the table in fear, the poor baby. So...we'll see how she's doing when I get back from work this evening!
  I've also been working extra hours since my brother is coming in 2 weeks, and I want to take time off then obviously. As if this all weren't enough, I had to go downtown and get my new visa yesterday, then run to the city office today to register said visa. Why I need to register the visa when it's obviously already been approved by the national govenment is beyond me?? The only reason I can think of is that red tape creates jobs! Just like they always have 2 or 3 guys standing around construction sites here waving flags at the lack of traffic.

Yea for a 3-year visa! That means 3 years of avoiding the visa office!

 Anyway, the visa office yesterday was amazingly painless, much to my surprise. It usually involves not only the stress of having to wait in a govenment office, but also the torture of being stared at by other foreigners, mostly men and most who look like they should be waiting for their parole hearing, not their visas. Forgive me if that sounds racist/biased/what-have-you, but take a visit to a visa office here before you make any judgements! And those stares aren't exactly of a polite nature, if you get my drift. Eh. 

 So, needless to say, I was thrilled when they called my name after only about 10 minutes yesterday! Today at the city office was shockingly quick too, so quick that I had the time to dash over to Uniqlo and pick up a pair of earmuffs I'd been coveting for 2 weeks (when I saw them, the line for the registers was over a half-hour long, definitely not worth the wait even for cute earmuffs).

 I realized only after I got home that these earmuffs scarily resemble Fuku-chan! Wasabi thinks so too, as the first thing she did upon being presented them was sniff and then take a big chomp! Go Wasa go! Oh, and if you don't know who/what Fuku-chan is...that'll have to be another post, as I'm running late for work!

 Wasabi just loves going shopping