Night Shots: Kodaiji and Maiko

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2009 | 0 comments

  We went to see the illuminations at Kodaiji Temple on Saturday night, since they only light up the place a few times a year, usually for cherry-blossom season and again in the fall. A lot of our shots didn't come out all that well due to the darkness (and you can figure out which ones I took from the way they're tilted for some reason!), but here are a few that came out.

In the bamboo forest....

  We were also lucky enough to see some maiko (young geisha) on their way to a famous tea house. I felt rather paparazzi-like for jumping out and snapping shots as they hurried along, but upon seeing the shots later, I have to admit that it was worth the temporary feelings of guilt and rudeness!
Enjoy....I'm off to figure out how to hold a camera straight!