Tofuku-ji, aka Daifuku-ji

Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 | 0 comments

  After lunch, we headed over to Tofuku-ji, which was supposed to be #1 on the list of top fall foliage sites in Kyoto. Since the trees weren't in full color yet, they weren't quite as red as in the guidebook, but it was still an outstanding display.
 I think that I'll forever be calling Tofuku-ji by the name of 'Daifuku-ji' now, though. I can't remember if I've mentioned daifuku before, but they're lovely little Japanese treats comprised of a sweet red bean paste in the middle, surrounded by lightly sweetened motchi (Japanese sticky rice that's been pounded until it's a gooey blob). Anyway, I started calling it Daifuku just to mess with Yuki's head whenever we were discussing which temples we wanted to see, and now it's stuck!
  Unfortunately I went and misplaced the pamphlet on Tofuku-ji, so you'll have to look it up online for yourself if you want to know any details about its history!

Outside the main complex

In the garden

On the way to the main temple

In the garden by the main temple

                                   She is not a geisha

We forced some guy with a bigger camera than ours to take our picture