Absolutely Googeous!!!

Posted on Thursday, January 21, 2010 | 0 comments

     Here's another new ice cream taste test, brought to you by the makers of Lactaid.
While grocery shopping the other day, we discovered that the Japanese chocolate brand Morinaga has come out with a new, tasty, and individually sized ice cream treat, called 'Googeous'. Don't ask me: I didn't come up with the name.
  Now, I was seriously expecting something 'gooey' and delicious, considering the very obvious name and all, but it was unfortunately not even a tiny bit gooey. It was, however, absolutely delicious.
   The breakdown is this: the bottom layer is coffee-flavored ice cream, which is then topped with what amounts to a very thin dark chocolate bar. Finally, the chocolate is covered with bits of almond, cookie bits (think Oreos), and some other white crunchy pieces that I think were also cookies. Overall, Yuki and I both agree that it should get a perfect 10 out of 10 rating (we decided to let the odd name slide, seeing as how good the actual product is). Especially when you also consider that it's only 100 yen. For a mere 315 calories per serving, you too may indulge in a bit of heaven! Oh, and one serving is enough for 2 to share, did I mention that? So about 160 calories each, unless of course you eat some of your husband's half. Then it's more like 220 calories per serving. Speaking hypothetically, of course.
 I'm really starting to like this whole dairy thing again. Fear of a stomachache is finally beginning to recede, too. Now excuse me while I go drink a bottle of bleu cheese dressing.

                   Packaging complete with eye-catching name

                     The contents

      And, a peek at the coffee ice cream underneath it all