Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is allowed a tail in this family!

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2010 | 0 comments

         By now, we all know that Wasabi doesn't have a tail (or at least, she has a very, very, very short stub of a tail). We also know that Wasabi is a vicious little monkey whose main goal in life is to see if she can't beat the previous day's record of nipping either me or Yuki. But that's besides the point. Today, we're all about tails. Or lack thereof.
  ...We always jokingly attribute Wasabi's attitude to the fact that she doesn't have a tail ('tail envy', so be it). After this morning's incident however, I'm a little more inclined to think that it's not actually a joke!
  Fact: While shopping with my mom back at home a few weeks ago, she discovered a pair of absurdly adorable pink bunny slippers in my size. I was debating buying them: a 29-year-old (remember, I'm aging backwards now) in fuzzy pink bunny slippers that could only have come straight out of the movie A Christmas Story?? Admittedly already leaning towards yes, the deal was sealed when it was discovered that these particular slippers contain inserts that you can remove and microwave on cold winter nights.
 Fact: Our apartment has an outer door that opens into an entryway. Stairs lead up from the entryway to the second, inner door of the apartment. I usually leave my slippers at the bottom of the stairs when I go out.
 Fact: Wasabi is not allowed between the 2 doors unless she sneaks past one of us coming/going.
 Fact: When I went for my morning walk this morning, I somehow left the bunny slippers upstairs in the apartment, alone and vulnerable.

 All seemed well when I returned, although Wasabi was a little more playful than usual. She kept batting around one of her white toy mice, clutching it with her teeth, tossing it, then batting it some more. I was thinking how cute she looked when, to my horror, she dropped the 'mouse' at my feet for me to toss. Yes, folks, that was no mouse! One of my innocent little bunny slippers had been shorn of its fluffy white tail!!

  I managed to (of course) take a few pictures once I stopped laughing. We'll see just how much longer the other tail far the general consensus is not more than a day or two!
  In other news, I think that I need to buy new slippers.....

           Wasabi playing with her 'mouse'

         Note the tail-less slipper, and said tail in the back left corner

     Considering pulling off the second tail

   Attempting to pull off the second tail!

                           Possessively guarding the second tail while we take a bath

           Sleeping with the remaining intact bunny