Valentine's Kit Kat: Raspberry and Passion Fruit

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2010 | 0 comments

    Another new product find! If I really wanted to, I could do a post a day just on the new products here, but then I'd probably also weigh 400 lbs from tasting them all.
  ...We grabbed a pack of this new Kit Kat flavor at the convenience store on the way home last night, since it looked rather interesting. Lately the Kit Kats haven't been all that tempting...I mean, they can only product so many 'new' varities of strawberry Kit Kats, and I have had absolutely no desire to try the milk tea, milk coffee, or Calpis Kit Kats, seeing as I don't really like those drinks in the first place. (Side note--Yuki told me that they had to change the name of Calpis when they exported it to the US. It's called Calpico in the States, since the original name sounds too much like 'cow piss' in English. Mmm, yummy cow piss).
  Back to this new Valentine's Day-themed Kit Kat. It's GREAT! They even went to the extra trouble of pairing the raspberry/passion fruit with dark chocolate, much better idea than trying to make it work with the usual milk chocolate. And there's 1.2% real passion fruit powder in every bar. Seems like a very small amount for the package to be boasting about, but I have to admit that the flavor's wonderful. This coming from a person who usually doesn't like the combination of raspberries and chocolate, too. If you want to try a pack, leave me a comment and I'll send a few lucky people some!

                       2 different packages, but apparently identical contents

               For him?

     And for her
......but Valentine's Day is only for men here in Japan, in case you didn't already know that little bit of trivia