Baking Bonanza!!! Tonight's Feature: Drunken Rum Raisin Cookies

Posted on Wednesday, January 06, 2010 | 0 comments

    For whatever reasons, I'm on a baking spree here. Probably the main factors are: I have access to a big kitchen and therefore a big (well, American-size) oven, and only a few days left to take advantage of them. But the nasty weather is also a strong contender for causation, too. Supposedly, it's going to dump up to 9 inches on us within the next few days. I'm kind of wondering whether or not I'll have a flight to board come Friday morning! Keep your fingers crossed for me! (For either outcome in fine, I have to say that I wouldn't mind staying a bit longer, since it never seems like I have enough time back here).
  Back to baking. Tonight's lineup was Drunken Rum Raisin Cookies. Also known as Jamaican Rum Raisin Cookies, since that's where I got the recipe. The first time I made these, I tasted way too much batter and therefore had way too much rum. Hence the alternative name of 'Drunken Rum Raisin Cookies'!
  The story behind the cookies: these cookies were the best rum raisin cookies I'd ever tasted, and I harrassed the chef at Sandals Resort (Ochos Rios location if you ever visit Jamaica) until he gave me a very loose version of the recipe. Garnering the recipe basically went something like this:
 Him: So, you need some butter
Me: MUCH butter?
Him: 1 lb
Me: 1 POUND??
Him: Uh-huh. And some sugar...
Me: How MUCH sugar?

 You get the drift. I think my favorite part was when he said "Oh, and some spices"
I managed to press him further and get "vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and rum" out of him, but no amounts whatsoever. I have to wonder whether the full instructions, if they were even written down, perhaps included something to the effect of:
"Add some rum to the batter. Then drink a few shots of rum. Then add some more rum to the batter. Repeat to taste"

  Whatever the case, here's my adapted version of the recipe, some parts again being none too specific. I still feel that they're not quite the same as the ones in Jamaica, but they're pretty good nonetheless, if I do say so myself. I halved the original recipe that he gave me, since the full one was obviously intended for the resort and makes more cookies than you'd ever possibly need.

   Drunken Jamaican Rum Raisin Cookies

   1 cup creamed butter (2 sticks)
   1 and 1/8 cups of white sugar
   2 eggs
   2 and 1/2 cups flour
   2 ounces flaked coconut (I use more than this, usually)
   1 1/2 ounces raisins (again, I tend to use more)
   vanilla   (I use 2 teaspoons or more)
   nutmeg (a few dashes)
   cinnamon (more than the nutmeg, try it to your taste)
   rum (definitely 2 Tablespoons or more, again to your taste but I like a lot in there)

  Cream the butter and sugar together, then add eggs, vanilla, rum, nutmeg, and cinnamon, stirring by hand. Then mix in the flour. Add coconut and raisins, stirring well. Drop spoonfuls onto UNGREASED cookies sheets and bake in a 350 F oven for 15-20 minutes. They will be light when they're done. Don't wait for them to get golden or else they'll be over-cooked!

                 Mmm.... coconut.....

      And raisins....

     They should be about this color after baking

       The finished products