33 Weeks

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 | 0 comments

              About 7 weeks to go, assuming that Sigourney doesn't decide to pop out early. At the last check a week and a half ago, she was just over 4 lbs, well above the average size for babies here at that stage. Guess those big European genes are already showing themselves!
  Speaking of big, let me mention that I managed to trim my toenails the night before last. This probably actually seems like a small (and completely unrelated) event for those of you who've never been pregnant, but let me tell you...when you're 33 weeks along and can manage to contort yourself in such a manner that you can trim your own toenails, it's a BIG deal! I won't say that I did the best job, but at this point we're settling for 'good enough'!