8 Months!

Posted on Wednesday, September 08, 2010 | 0 comments

             Here's the 8-month belly pic...I still don't feel all that huge yet, except of course when some random person tells me (on an almost daily basis now) 'WOW, you're BIG!'. Apparently this is supposed to be a compliment here, although I can't imagine any Western woman wanting to hear it, pregnant or not.
  In terms of Sigourney activity...at the checkup on Saturday, the ultrasound showed that she's now grown tired of the head-down position and has situation herself sideways across my abdomen. So, while not breech, she's transverse instead. And judging by the hiccups on my left and the kicks to my right, she's still in that position tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that she settles into a head-down instead of head-up position at some point within the next few weeks! 

                              Sushi testing out the new baby crib. I think she approves

                            Wasabi prefers to hide underneath it instead