Heda Elegance Dinner

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010 | 0 comments

   Here are pictures of the various courses we ate for dinner at Heda Elegance last weekend...needless to say, that'll be the last time I eat so much before this baby arrives! 'Uncomforable' would be a rather mild word to describe how I was feeling after we finally finished eating!

                                    The dining room

                         My appetizer...apparently when we requested 'nothing raw', they forgot that smoked meat isn't exactly cooked. The seafood was great, though!

                                 Yuki's appetizer

                           Cream of pumpkin soup

                           The fish course (I was full by this point)

                           Fillet mignon

                            Finally, dessert! Wonderful meal, but way, WAY too much, even if you're not 8 months' pregnant!